Banter Republic

You ever look at someone and wonder at how they’ve survived this long living the way they have? Then you know how it is with Davies. His parents missed a trick by not naming him “survivor” like your typical igbo parents. He is a modern day “cyborg” with a beating heart and blood running running through his veins,or at least some veins. Different gravy.

I changed school in the SeniorSecondary stage of my education and I was lucky to share a class with him. Davies wore an exoskeleton because of some issues with his back, the nervecells on his left hand had all stopped functioning meaning he didn’t experience feeling on that whole arm, he suffersastigmatism, hence prescriptionglasses. I dunno how, but he has issues with his voice box and as such, he croaks. Last but not least, his hairline is receding which…

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Autore: alessandria today

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