Vaccinosis in Animals

A Horses View

Publishing a post on vaccine damage is something akin to walking into fire.  However, I felt prompted to write this particularly as a result of a recent discussion where someone asked if it could really take seven years of non-vaccination to produce a ‘clean’ litter (specifically referring to natural-rearing breeding – of any domestic species, although dogs were the primary subject) through species appropriate diet; my response was, not necessarily.  I intimated that via the use of homeopathic “clearing remedies” vaccinosis could be reversed.  I think it was a response not particularly understood and likely created more confusion as other things (primarily essential oils) were suggested as being able to do the same regarding clearing the vaccinosis.  This post then is my in-depth response as I did not feel it appropriate to do so within that group.  In order to understand this to the depth it needs to be, several…

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