1. Quasimodo syndrome

. Quasimodo syndrome, or body dysmorphic disorder, is an extremely dangerous mental disorder known for obsessive thoughts about a highly exaggerated or even imaginary physical defect. Patients constantly look in the mirror, trying to find an angle at which the supposed defect isn’t visible; they refuse to be photographed, in order to avoid their drawback being captured in a picture; they take excessive care of their appearance; they have love life problems due to this particular flaw; they have low self-esteem; they feel awkward in society, suspecting that others notice the “defect” and laugh at it. Sounds familiar?
The absurdity of this syndrome is revealed in the silent short film Contracuerpo.

2. Capgras delusion

.This syndrome makes a patient believe someone close to them or they themselves have been replaced with a doppelganger. The patient can claim that bad deeds attributed to them were committed by their…

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