Kone, Krusos, Kronos

Inventing The World

The World it´s not as it is, but as we see it, so it is, at least to us.


We live in a World made of images, information, and narratives, collective, and personal, and that we call it Knowledge, or Ignorance for the lack of it, or I would add for the poor quality we choose to feed our minds, and souls with.

We mostly generally, are easy to be program by information, that now day has become not a source for Truth, but for convenience, to people who want to control what you should think about particular issues, be this about the drink you prefer to buy, to the way you should interpret the news you watch, or hear.

It’s common for people to judge you in a poor light, or be wary of your political opinions, just by your favorite source of media. Most never questioning their…

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