Folk belief holds that if you have won one Oscar, your odds of ever winning a second are greatly diminished by the dreaded “Oscar Jinx”

Any discussion of folklore and the Oscars must include the customs practiced by viewers at home, who eagerly tune in each year to watch what host Johnny Carson in 1979 jokingly called “two hours of sparkling entertainment spread out over a four-hour show.”

Source: A Smithsonian Folklorist Delves Into the Rituals and Rewards at the Academy Awards | At the Smithsonian | Smithsonian

+ Johnny Carson was the best. I love that quote. I’m so thankful I was born in a time where I could watch Johnny at his peak, just before his show began to decline. As for the Oscars, I think they’re still evolving and haven’t peaked yet, even if they’ve become more of a mouthpiece for partisan politics instead of a celebration…

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