SCHIZZI DI MOMENTI ORDINARI - Drawing ordinary moments

Saturday afternoon, like many others (more or less).

She, suddenly, says:”Honey do you remember that tonight I have to go out with my colleagues, right?”

While I am falling down from the clouds I try to get a convincing expression and I reply:”Yes my love, of course that I remember it.”

I lie shamelessly.

She certainly caught me.

But this time she pretends nothing and continues:” Well then you could help me while I prepare myself.”

“Ok, tell me how…”

“While I make up myself you could look for my boots, the low ones with a bit of heel and, eventually, clean them if they are dirty.

I immediately go to the shoe rack, I find them and a moment later I am already cleaning them.

Ps. Many fetishists would have preferred to see me use my tongue to remove the dust. Lick and polish the boot, perhaps while my…

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