bird-855222_960_720Let me tell my tale,
the tale that amuses me
when telling it to you.

I learned to love; to be loved,
so let me tell my love,
for telling my love
amuses me.

True, I suffered a lot,
yet through suffering, I learned a lot,
so let me tell my tale.

For long, I listened to your tale:
how you were dolled,
and how you fondled your dolls.
Sure, it amused me a lot. 

Then why all these attempts
to threaten me, warn me, belittle me
and urge me not to tell my tale?

Mind, this solipsism
does not amuse me at all.
It’s only telling my tale, or listening to your tale
that amuses me. 

So now let me tell my tale,
for telling my tale amuses me.

Image source: Pixabay

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