On a mission

The best if you run 14 miles you cover 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and you see how you did in all above runs on a single day. Isn’t it nice? Well let me answer my experience in 14

    You warm up by walking or dynamic stretch. I did walking of 1 mile to drop the DVD in the library to avoid a late fee.
    While walking I was FaceTiming with my Dad. The time worked both for us.
    You plan your run to make sure you get toilets and water fountain on your way. I needed two even though I was crying water, gel, and Gatorade.
    I had my first bio- breaks in my first mile of the run reason early morning I drank water which was not consumed by the body.
    The 2nd to 5 miles was cool like a breeze and then there was some slow down.

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