Esteemed Readers, The Soviet cinema has been a golden epoch of the Russian culture, so, no matter the lack of the true folklore identity, it would be unfair to omit the tales – movies made in that period. All of them had a particular trait: great pieces of satire were disguised at the background, so I would not call them stories only for children.

Let’s begin with “Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair”, a fantasy film based on Vodyan’oj‘s tale. The story so far: “Once upon a time there was a TsarYerem’ei. He went to the annual campaign to make an inventory of his kingdom-state. He leaned over once to the well to drink, but immediately grabbed by the underwater tsar Ch’udo – ‘Yudo. Demanded a ransom for the release – such as Yerem’ei did not know or wondered what it is in his kingdom…

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