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During his stay at the Yellow House, which had been set up as a studio in the south, Van Gogh experienced a period of feverish intensity and produced a great amount of art, which represented a severe demand on his strength and resources,
His love/hate relationship with Gauguin and repeated threats of Gauguin’s departure caused him dangerous distress: he began to hallucinate and suffered attacks in which he lost consciousness.

The official version of the incident of his severed ear relates that the disturbed Dutch painter had a row with Gauguin one evening shortly before Christmas 1888, about which he could later recall nothing.
Gauguin decided to spend the night at a hotel, while Van Gogh returned home and detached his left ear lobe with a razor blade in a fit of lunacy.
Then he stopped the flow of blood, wrapped the ear in a cloth, put on a Basque…

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