In fact, it is not very different: How to make a coffee of dibek?
Let’s come to the most important short, how is the coffee of the pips made. In fact, there is not a very different stage here than Turkish coffee.

Necessary ingredients for dibek coffee:

Dibek brown
Coffee pot
Cups of people
Dibek coffee is made:

Add 1 teaspoon of ground coffee to the coffee pot per person. Then add a cup of water per person and mix well. (At this stage, those who wish can add 1 teaspoon of Turkish coffee or sugar.)

Then put the coffee pot on the stove and start cooking without mixing. When the coffee starts to foam, immediately take it out of the stove and share the foamy part to the cups. Then, if you wish, take the coffee back to the stove and raise it a little more. Finally, share…

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