Esteemed Readers, the history comes along its way. The Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) continues, bringing more combats, grief & calamities to Europe. Reading the historical news I become wondering if we have a right to speak about nations after such a huge conflict where armies freely passed from one part of the continent to the other & back. Anyway, here are some events of Juin 1632:

Berlin, 1st Juin, 1632: “Elector of Brandebourg’s troops, in quantity of 16 thousand persons, accompanied by the King of Sweden entered Silesia where they occupied towns Grosglogau, Bevite, Gezou, Stein, Winfek, Bauden, Sprotau, Sagan & Vryftad. The Imperial ones have also left Richenbach, Schweidnits & Gaver & have withdrawn to Glatz in Bohemia. Nevertheless, Elector of Brandebourg always moves ahead in the country where he becomes the master of any town because he has divided his army in two parts. The Swedish regiments left…

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