The Eternal Words

My heart aches every time I hear about the news of rape. Rape is one of the most heinous crimes all over the world. These rapists don’t spare anyone, be it a 5-month-old baby or a 90-year-old woman. No explanation or reason can justify rapes.
According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s annual report, 33,356 rape cases were reported across India in 2018. Out of these, more than 93% were committed by someone known by the victim.

Myths about Rapes.

•Rapes happen because of wearing short clothes.

If only rapes happened due to revealing clothes, a woman wearing a burqa or a salwar kameez wouldn’t have been raped. Did a 3-year-old girl wear revealing clothes that she was raped or an 80-year-old woman wear revealing clothes that she was raped? Rape has nothing to do with the clothes a woman wears but it has everything to do with the rapist…

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