On The Streets of New York

ladies, this MY idea of great “street style” photography. who do you think has it the best? the man or the dog?

That’s just how I feel about my dog!

LOVE this!!! Too cute for words. Have a wonderful week, sweet Marsha!

This is such a precious photo! I vote the dog but I love the fact that the owner is holding the umbrella over him!

Icarus my dalmatian is not the only happy and lucky dog! … That’s fine!

On the streets of Alexandria

Slavik, my Black Russian Terrier adopted eight months ago, is in all respects part of my family and therefore is treated as such, I love animals.

Slavik il mio Terrier Nero Russo adottato otto mesi fa, fa parte a tutti gli effetti della mia famiglia e quindi viene trattato come tale, io amo gli animali.