Delusional Bubble

We live in the world of cliches, Americans are fat, Germans are harsh, Africa is all the same, Every French dude is romantic, or Croatia is all about some beaches!

I’m not against stereotypes at all. In fact, some of them are true or funny but it’s good to look at things differently. I mean, that’s what those change-makers did throughout mankind’s history!

Let’s see what Croatia is truly about other than its stunning beaches!


In recent history, Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia until 1991 when they were like, “No, thanks!”

It wasn’t as simple though, they had to fight with their neighbors from Serbia which finished 4 years later, and what do wars make? Job for reconstruction workers!

They joined the EU in 2013 and now when you walk in Croatia, It’s so peaceful that you’d doubt if anything has ever happened!


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