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Tonight the moon shines and all I can see is your eyes reflected in the moonbeams that find a garden to soak in my desolated skin, so starved. The tears that I cry so heavy with sorrow that the nightingale closes his eyes. 

The painful emptiness of you grows by the minute into exponential heartbreak that obliterates the beauty of this night. All I can do is think of you tonight and wish mistakes we made had not been made. 

Regret can choke even love and leave it bleeding on the sidewalk. Now, I miss your voice like I miss my own, my soul is so quiet most of the time I fear for it. The thought of never hearing your voice again is beyond any pain I can take so I try to forget but you don’t let me. 

You are here in the air I breath and in the words I write. Losing you is just ripping me apart like gravity ripped from time. I hate these memories of you that won’t let me have peace and yet they are all I have left of you so even though they hurt I cradle them closer to my chest and hope to never let go. 

Pain will forever reign in my chest, I know. Tonight let me cry for you and for me, for the things that could have been but never were, for the life together unlived, for all the possibilities I will now have to let go of, for all the poems I will never get to write. Tonight I remember the night I meet you and cry, just cry. Tears carve on my cheeks the perfect sculpture of what pain looks like. e.v.e.

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