Rediscover the magic of water slide decals

Zisa Dolls

In my childhood we played with water decals. These were sachets of decorations for sale in stationery shops, with floral or childlike decorations. You had to cut out the desired figure, wet it a few seconds in water and then slide the film containing the image onto the surface to be decorated. We were all very good at this job, adults and children, and the decals adhered preferentially on smooth surfaces, especially on the glass. In some old houses you can still find a water decal stuck from the 50s, with a rose or a bear. The decals were in fact indelible, it could break the glass first, but the image remained in the pieces shattered.


Then the stickers arrived, which are not the same thing, and the stationers stopped selling  water decals. Too bad because it was a good way to decorate without the glimpse of the thickness of…

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