Expectation Versus Reality

Banter Republic

The earth is flat like a Monopoly board game argue some evolutionists. Some otherssay it is spherical. I say, who cares about that! The fact thatit is spiraling along the Milky Way Galaxy, moving at an averagevelocity of 828,000 km/hr is what makes me uneasy man.If that doesn’t keep you up at night, then I don’t know what else will!

You know how someone can have a really mean mug for a default facial expression. So when you see them,you immediately assume they are snobbish and not approachable. I’m here to tell you that all of that, is mainly a false premise. In fact girls with the meanest mugs, usually have the cutest smiles. Unless of course you suffer a curious case of chipped teeth in which case, I’m not referring to you.

Girls hug you and stylishly lettheir fingers travel…

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Autore: alessandria today

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